What Is Lie Adjustment For Golf Irons?

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Whether you are just starting out in golf or have been golfing for many years and have plenty of experience, you will know that consistency is key to improving your performance out on the golf course! Being consistent out on the golf course is hard enough to do on its own, so it’s best when your equipment is working with you rather than against you, but by having the wrong lie angle, that is exactly what your golf irons will be doing! Make sure you read to the very end of the article to make sure you know everything there is to know about lie angle and how to have it work in your favor out on the course.

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What is lie angle?

Lie angle is the angle of the center of the golf club’s shaft and the ground as you place your golf club to address the ball. Golfers with the correct lie angle will notice that the sole of the golf club will rest square to the ground when they put the club behind the ball. Then the lie angle is the space that is created between the ground on the heel side of the golf club and the shaft of the golf club. You should also know that as the loft of the golf club increases, so does the lie angle.

How does lie angle work?

Having a poor lie angle can cause the shot to be hit as a hook or a slice, meaning the ball will travel to the left of the target, or the right of the target, as opposed to in a straight line. A golfer with a good lie angle will make square contact with the ground when they strike the shot, resulting in the ball traveling in a straight line towards its intended target.

Can 1 degree make a difference?

So you must be wondering whether your lie angle has to be way off the mark, or just slightly out of tune, right? Well, the simple answer is that for every 1 degree that your golf club is out of lie, it can cause your shot to go four yards off target, meaning that if your lie is just 3 degrees off, your shot could be up to 12 yards off target!

How can I improve my lie angle?

So after reading how having a poor lie angle can seriously affect where the ball will travel once it has been struck, you will probably be wondering how you can improve your lie angle right?

Well, here are a few tips you can follow to help improve your lie angle. Ensure that you have well-fitted golf clubs. Having golf clubs that are well fitted to your swing and posture can help improve your lie angle and hence help you improve your score out on the golf course. If you want to test your lie angle at home, you can simply draw a line on the back of a golf ball with a wet marker, and strike the ball. The line that the ball leaves on the golf club will indicate where the ball made contact with the golf club’s face and provides you with instant feedback on your lie angle! I

f the line is straight down the middle of the face of the club, this indicates that your lie angle and your swing are both on target. If the line is in the middle but slanted down towards the heel, this is an indicator that your lie angle is too flat and the toe of the golf club is down at impact; this can result in your shot going to the right of the target.

If your line is in the middle but slanted towards the toe of the golf club, then this is an indicator that your lie angle is too upright, resulting in the toe of the golf club being raised at impact. This can also cause your shot to go to the left of the target.

What Is Lie Adjustment For Golf Irons – Summary

To sum up, what we have discovered in this article, lie angle can have a huge impact on a golfer’s performance out on the golf course, a lie angle that is just one degree out of tune can result in the golfer hitting a shot that is up to four yards off target! To help improve your lie angle, make sure that your clubs are well fitted to both your posture and your swing.

This will help a bunch when it comes to getting the right lie angle! If you have well-fitted clubs and are still struggling to get the right lie angle, it may be worth a visit to your local golf store with them, to see whether the store can make slight adjustments to the club, in order to help; you get the right lie angle!