Are Recycled Golf Balls Any Good?

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There are many reasons that using recycled golf balls is a great idea. They can be just as exciting to play with, and they come at way more affordable prices too! Golfers from all over the world have been taking note of this trend in recent years because it’s not only better for their bank account but also helps give life back into these used golf balls.

Not only do you get to save money by buying re-used items like clothes or shoes, but you’re doing your part for our environment when getting them secondhand instead of new, which means even more considerable savings on energy consumption and resources overall.

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What’s Good About Recycled Golf Balls?

Golfers often worry when they use recycled golf balls but, after trying them out and finding that the quality is just as good if not better than a new one, these worries are laid to rest. You save half of what you would pay for a brand-new ball while still getting an excellent product made from high-quality material.

It’s hard to tell at first glance whether or not it has any flaws whatsoever – in fact, this type of golf ball will be able to perform like most others on the market no matter how many times it’s been used before your purchase!

Rick Shields from Rick Shields Golf documented his experience using a recycled golf ball, and he did not see any issues with the ball’s performance. The only difference he noticed between a recycled one and the Pro V1 golf ball is that the recycled one feels a bit harder and releases a clicky sound when hit. However, he mentioned that shots from the recycled ones were just as good as the original Pro V1.

Recycled Golf Balls vs. Brand New

Recycled golf balls have a slightly different tone than brand new ones. They can be of varying colors, hardness, and textures, depending on the manufacturer’s process.

For example, Genuine Pro V1s are typically lighter in color with cooler shades. At the same time, recycled Pro V1s will often fall into warmer tones because some manufacturers do not repaint or change anything about them. After they’ve been washed, this means you may notice minor scratches and discoloration as well as changes to their cover materials from regular use over time.

While the cost of “brand new” golf balls are more expensive than recycling them, they have better quality and are more durable. Additionally, some professional golfers would much rather invest in these types of balls than used ones due solely to their performance capabilities overused or recycled balls that may not perform as well on course. The only downside with the brand new ball is its high price tag, but if you don’t lose any, chances are it’s worth your money!

The Pros and Cons of Using Recycled Golf Balls


Most recycled golf balls are graded as mint or near mint and are sometimes classed as ‘AAAAA’ or ‘AAA.’ This describes the ball as almost new or looking new. However, the class doesn’t define the overall build of a recycled golf ball.

Recycled golf balls perform as well as new.

Performance is not a big deal when it comes to playing with a recycled golf ball. The quality is not that high like a brand new one, but the durability is undoubtedly not far from being similar to it. You can shoot a few and play again for as many rounds as you want, and you wouldn’t even think of complaining about using it.

Using recycled golf balls is more environmentally friendly than buying new ones.

Golf balls are produced using rubber and plastic. To help conserve the environment, it is better to recycle than to buy new ones. And using recycled golf balls is one of the greenest ways to enjoy swinging and shooting on the course. So you’re not just helping the environment; you’re also helping yourself save money.

Recycled golf balls are worth buying.

If you’re a golf enthusiast who loses a ball every time you play, then recycled golf balls are perfect for you. A dozen will not cost you a lot, so it’s ideal to buy these kinds of balls rather than brand new ones. You will not only get some for a cheaper price, but there’s a high chance that you could get a once-used new golf ball.

Recycled golf balls are half the price of a new one.

Recycled golf balls are affordable. So it’s not that much to worry if you lose some or if you damage some. They come in different brands that you can choose from and are sold in various conditions. Plus, you’ll get the same performance for half of the price of a new one. How fantastic!


Getting a recycled golf ball will be an option since you need to choose the ones in the best condition. Sellers brand some recycled golf balls, and you may find one the same as the brand you want.

You don’t get to know if you purchased a real recycled ball or a fake, refurbished one.

There are differences between a recycled golf ball and a refurbished one. Most recycled golf balls are sold in the condition they were collected. Refurbished ones are enhanced, and changes are made to the ball. Playing with recycled ones will really give you a feeling of playing with a premium golf ball, unlike using a refurbished one.

Recycled golf balls tend to get damaged more easily than new ones.

Since these balls are sold in unaltered condition, some are worn away, and it could lead to them getting damaged easily. Also, most of these balls are found underwater or get wet from rain in the woods. And water has a harmful effect on golf balls. However, one hit will not crack it. So you can still play with it after a few rounds, and it could still last a long time.

So, are recycled golf balls any good?

The answer to the question “Are recycled golf balls any good?” is YES.

Every day, golf balls are played and lost. And some owners don’t spend time looking for these lost balls. That is when sellers of recycled golf balls collect and clean them.

What’s amazing about using recycled golf balls is that you don’t know if you could be playing with a recently purchased brand new one. Remember, some of these sold recycled golf balls are only used once, and then they get lost in the woods or lakes. Most of these lost ones are almost brand new, and you don’t know if you are playing with one bought for half of the price of a new one.