How To Hit Out Of The Rough In Golf

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There are many times in golf where you find yourself hitting from the rough. We all want the ideal shot on the green or fairway, but luck is not always on our side. That is why you should learn how to hit out of the rough in golf.

It requires physical mastery as well as a strategy to do this successfully. Here is everything you need to know about hitting it out of the rough.

Golf Rough 101

If the entire golf course were lush, green, and trimmed, it would not challenge the players. That is why many superintendents grow the rough to make the course more challenging. It is a quick and cheap way to increase the difficulty of the game.

There are also various ways through which a rough can be grown. Here are a few of them:

  • Mowing the fairway less to increase rough on the sides
  • Letting the grass grow long along the fairway
  • Letting the grass grow a few inches after a few yards (also known as the second cut)

If you want to gain success in golfing, you must know how to hit out of the rough in golf. Any player that can do this can master the art of golfing in no time.

Tips On How To Hit Out Of The Rough In Golf

Here are the top tips you need to follow to hit out of the rough in golf:

Selecting The Right Club

An appropriate club can make all the difference when it comes to shooting your shot. If the rough is thick, your golf ball will never advance two hundred yards. That is why you need a club with enough loft to carry the ball out of the rough.

Keep in mind that a five-iron will never work on a thick rough. Instead, you should take out a nine-iron or one of the wedges. Other factors to take into account while selecting the right club are:

  • How much your ball is buried in the rough
  • What distance you want your ball to cover
  • Other factors that may affect your shot in the rough

Once you take these into account, you should select an appropriate club to ensure that you make the shot. You will notice the significant difference an appropriate club can have on a shot.

Go Steep

When the ball is in the rough, depending on how deep it is, you might have to go for a steep angle and stance. That is because your aim should be to decrease the grass trapped between the ball and the clubface. Because of this, a steep angle of attack is your best friend when understanding how to hit out of the rough in golf.

Keep your angle sharp, steep, and short. Doing so will help reduce grass coming in the way, and you can make a clear shot. Please don’t hit the ball unless you have perfected your angle, as you want to gain the maximum out of it during your game.


Your stance or posture is one of the most essential things in golf. Each shot can be affected negatively if you don’t have the proper stance. That is why it is vital to maintain an appropriate stance when hitting the ball out of the rough.

One of the best stances for such a shot is to keep your weight on your dominant foot. As a general rule of thumb, almost sixty percent of your weight should be on your lead foot. Besides that, your stance should be neutral because your ball will have to be hit hard during this shot.

Firm Grip

If you want your club to be prevented from twisting in the grass, you will need to have a firm grip. It is one of the most left out tips when understanding how to hit out of the rough in golf as people take their grip lightly. However, it can make all the difference when shooting your shot.

All pro golf players have one thing in common: they have a firm grip on their club. That is why you should too. Having more muscle will help, but it is not necessary as you need to hold your club firmly.

Hit The Ball Hard

The harder your hit is, the more likely it is that your ball will come out of the rough effectively. That is why you should not hit the ball lightly when dealing with the rough. Keep in mind that the grass will interfere with the speed of your swing, which is why you will have to hit it as hard as you can.

To enhance the intensity of your hit, you should keep all your weight on your lead foot. It will allow you to hit the ball hard with all the strength you have distributed evenly.

Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, you will need to practice consistently to become perfect when hitting the ball out of the rough. Follow these guidelines and make it a part of your golf routine. While practising, be mindful of the way the club responds when it interacts with the grass.

Understanding this is crucial to hitting the ball out of the rough with perfection. All pro golfers practise hitting out of the rough consistently to improve their game. It will allow you to understand deeply how the club, grass, and stance work together to create the best shot.

Final Words

That was your complete guide on how to hit out of the rough in golf. Once you follow these guidelines, ensure that you practice it with consistency to improve your game in the long run. Once you do, you will come closer to understanding how it works, and hitting it out of the rough with perfection will come naturally to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow our guidelines and see how your game improves. You will be shocked at the results.