How Do You Put An Umbrella On A Golf Trolley?

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The golf season is upon us, and how do you put an umbrella on a golf trolley? You might think this is hard, but really it’s quite simple. You don’t need to be an expert to attach an umbrella to a golf trolley. You really just need to know how to open and close the umbrella, how to fix it into place and how the mechanism works.

This guide will give you all the information you need to know, from how to choose the right umbrella for your needs, how to attach it securely, and how to take care of it when not in use. It doesn’t matter what type of golfer you are — we’ve got advice for everyone!

How do you put an umbrella on a golf trolley?

Assuming that you have a golf umbrella and a golf trolley, the simple answer is:

Find the umbrella hole on your golf trolley

This is the first thing you must do before attaching an umbrella to a golf trolley. There should be a hole on the side of your trolley which is perfectly sized for an umbrella handle. If you can’t find such a hole, there might be one in the base of the unit or another location on your trolley.

Line up the opening of the umbrella with the hole on your golf trolley

Next is to find the umbrella handle and line it up with the hole on your trolley. Ensure that you are pushing directly down (vertical lines) or, if your umbrella is erected, to the side (horizontal line). Some golf trolleys have multiple holes which will allow you to change how far above ground your umbrella sits. This way you can control how much shade you get.

Push down and twist to lock in place

Then you must insert and twist the umbrella handle to lock it in place. Ensure that the umbrella is pointing out and up away from you (if erected). When done correctly, there should be no giving to how far up or down your umbrella goes.

Your golf umbrella should now be attached to your golf trolley

If there is an additional strap or latch, it’s time to use this. Most have a square hole that will fit the square peg on the bottom of your umbrella. Do not use anything sharp as this may damage either the trolley or the umbrella.

If you are struggling, make sure that you have pushed down and twisted enough to lock it in place — there is an arrow on the side of your umbrella holder that should be pointing towards “locked” or “unlocked.”

Choosing the right umbrella for your needs

Umbrellas come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Not all umbrellas are made to cover people or to block the rain. There are also different features that you should consider when buying an umbrella. Here are some tips on how to find the best umbrella for your needs.

Know what you are looking for in an umbrella

Every umbrella has distinct characteristics that set it apart from the rest. Knowing how you will be using your umbrella and how much rain protection you need in specific areas (e.g., at the golf course, when walking to work, etc.) will make it easier for you to choose an umbrella that is perfect for your needs.

Consider the weight of your trolley

You must be sure that the umbrella (and its weight) won’t affect how your trolley moves or how much it weighs. Umbrella holders are specifically designed for specific trolleys to ensure that the umbrella weights are as little as possible and can be easily installed.

Check if it is durable enough to withstand windy days on the golf course

The days on a golf course are unpredictable at times. Some days there is a slight breeze and on other days the wind howls mercilessly, making it difficult to play golf. You must ensure that your umbrella can withstand high winds streaming across the course before you purchase one.

Get an umbrella with a good grip

Get a good grip with a rubber handle or purchase one that has been designed specifically for golf umbrellas. A good grip will help you hold on to your umbrella at all times.

Know how big an umbrella you need

While smaller umbrellas are easier to handle and fit in a golf bag, bigger ones can cover more people or even a whole bench during a rainy day. The size of the canopy determines how long it’s going to take to dry the umbrella after it rains. Large umbrellas are heavier and can be hard to fit into a golf bag.

Make sure it will be easy to open and close while carrying your clubs around

To avoid the hassle of opening and closing your umbrella every time you want to move from one point to another, make sure it will be easy for you. If the canopy is too big, it will be difficult for you to close or open it with one hand while carrying around your golf clubs in the other.

Buy from a brand you or your fellow golfer’s trust

It is important to buy from a brand that you or your golf buddies trust. Buying an umbrella that is not reliable may cost you more because of how frequently you will replace it.

How to take care of it when not in use

Check the umbrella for any damage

Before you keep it, you must ensure that it is in good condition. Check that the canopy is not torn or ripped anywhere and that it can open and close properly. You must also check how sturdy it feels when you’re opening and closing it.

Shake the umbrella off any water before you close it

When coming out of a monsoon storm, shake off any excess water from the canopy before closing it. If you simply pull the handle and open your umbrella without shaking first, then there’s a high chance that some droplets from the canopy can spill onto your clothes or other items as you open it.

Clean off any dirt or debris that has accumulated on it

It is best to store it clean so that it will be easier to maintain and use in the future. If there is a little bit of mud or dirt on the umbrella, you can clean it off with a damp cloth and let it dry before storing it.

Repair any damage immediately

You must check how durable your umbrella is. If the canopy has been torn, then you must fix it as soon as possible to avoid it getting worse. If the umbrella has no damage and is still in good condition, then you can store it like how you would for umbrellas that aren’t used during winter: roll it up and place it in a bag to avoid having your umbrella pop open when stored away or hit

Store the umbrella in a dry place

When not in use, store it inside your house or garage to prevent it from getting wet. Make sure that it is not left on the balcony or on the ground outside, where it will be exposed to external elements for it will break over time.

Store away from direct sunlight to protect against sun damage

Although its main purpose is to protect from the sun’s rays, never expose it under the sunlight if not in used to ensure that your umbrella will have a longer lifespan and that it will be ready to use during next year’s monsoon season.

Avoid storing the umbrella in your car for prolonged periods of time

You must avoid exposing your umbrella to extreme temperatures, such as under a hot car seat where it can get very hot, or in the trunk, which tends to become quite cold. Never store an umbrella in wet fabric as it can begin to wear out and tear prematurely.

Never leave the umbrella out exposed to rain or snow

This can weaken its structural integrity and cause it to break easily, thus it is best to store it inside your home or garage.

Store it upright

When not in use, store the umbrella upright on a flat surface with the handle pointing upwards. This will prevent water from pooling inside the canopy, which can lead to premature wear and tear. If you do not store it upright then the water may pool inside the canopy, causing it to wear out quicker than it should.


Putting an umbrella on your golf trolley is very easy, right? Just remember these tips and tricks, so you can continue to have a nice dry head during the next monsoon season.

With an umbrella, you’ll never have to worry about sunburn or how to keep the rain off of you and your golf clubs during a soggy round of golf. If you find this how do you put an umbrella on a golf trolley article useful, please share it with your friends! And don’t forget to bookmark us for more articles from how do you put an umbrella on a golf trolley.