Best Putter For The Money

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Renowned for being the most important club in every golfer’s bag, the putter can save countless shots if you are using the right one. Since a wide range of choices is available at competitive prices, you can get a putter that is properly built to your putting motion without forking out a large sum of money. With that being said, an expensive putter fit to you can make a big difference in your game.

No matter the level of golf talent you have, the ideal putter will help make a great improvement to your overall score and your enjoyment of the game. However, you might be overwhelmed when finding the putter that works perfectly for you due to so many options that you can choose from.

To help you with that, we have made a list of the best putters for the money currently available on the market. They have various features that might cater to your needs and be to your taste.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

Odyssey Golf Triple Track Putter (Left Hand 33" 2 Ball Oversize Grip)
  • Odyssey Triple Track Putters combine an impressive grouping of premium technologies for exceptional alignment, consistency, and performance.
  • Developed from Callaway’s innovative golf ball alignment system, the three Triple Track lines are prominently featured to help improve your putting accuracy.
  • Triple Track uses Vernier Hyper Acuity for better and more consistent alignment, from a design that’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use.
  • Innovative multi-material shaft saves 40 grams of weight, which is redistributed to the head and grip end of the putter. This completely rebalances the putter for improved tempo and consistency in the stroke.
  • Provides a firmer feel and enhanced sound at impact compared while maintaining the same roll benefits of our popular White Hot Microhinge Insert.

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The Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track by Callaway would be a second-to-none choice for low handicappers seeking the best putter for the money. It blends exciting technologies to deliver improved alignment, reliability, and performance. This putter offers a wide range of models for you to choose from in either a mallet or blade form.

Callaway has developed their new Triple Track alignment system based on their innovative golf ball line. Prominently featured with the science of Vernier Hype Acuity, these lines are meant to help enhance your putting accuracy.

The Stroke Lab weighting fully rebalances the putter for optimized consistency and tempo in the stroke, while the new Microhinge Star Insert delivers a better sound throughout the impact and a very firm feel off the face.

Callaway’s Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track is an extremely sturdy putter with the least possible face rotation similar to the heel-to-toe balanced putters. The putter head sits square and aligns really well with the X Triple Track on the brand’s proprietary Chrome Soft golf ball, which provides the necessary confidence for a great stroke.

If you are looking for a medium-priced putter suitable for skilled golfers, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track would be definitely worth a try.


  • Triple Track lines – increase your putting accuracy
  • Stroke Lab weighting – rebalances the putter completely for superior tempo and consistency in the stroke; this technology continually dominates on tours worldwide
  • Microhinge Star Insert – gives an improved sound at impact and a super firm feel off the face; preferred by the current best golfers all over the world
  • Easy to align and use
  • Increased putting accuracy
  • Solid feel
  • Better sound at impact
  • Popular among today’s best golfers around the world
  • Wide selection of models
  • Not ideal for those who prefer a soft face
  • Requires using both putter and ball for best results

SeeMore Platinum M5 HT Mallet Offset Putter

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If you are a mid-handicapper that is looking to buy the best putter for the money, then the SeeMore Platinum M5 HT would be a great option. The company has taken the traditional putter technology and made it more stable and easier to aim. With the innovative RifleScope Technology, you are now able to know exactly where your face is aimed as well as how you can adjust to hole more putts.

The M5 HT is a tour-designed, improved heel and toe weighted mallet. Made for golfers who love the look of a sleek mallet, this SeeMore putter combines exceptional balance and forgiveness with a look of great confidence at address. The M5 HT Offset features an impressive platinum finish with intricate multiple milling patterns over the entire putter, including a deep milled face for incredible feel and roll.

The putter also has the new “Sniper Scope” logo that represents the ultimate in performance, precision, and exclusivity, which the new Platinum Series has to offer. Plus, the offset shaft is for golfers who prefer to have hands slightly forward.

This putter is designed to offer more help for golfers during the entire putting motion from address to impact. It is equipped with the patented RifleScope Technology (RST) to ensure simple alignment and more repeatability. RST uses a red dot covered by the shaft, so you would know your putter is in the perfect putting position. Additionally, while this putter comes with toe hangs, it has Face Balance at Impact, which results in easier clubface control.

The Platinum M5 HT is 100% milled in the USA from 303 Stainless steel, which produces a consistent roll. The RifleScope Technology uses red, white, and blue alignment aids that reinforce the clubface angle.

This putter is also available in a remote fitting session so that you can tailor your putter to your stroke. Furthermore, it can be custom-built for length, grip, loft, lie, head weight, head cover, and sole stamping.

Offering quality and risk-free performance, you can take your game to the next level with the SeeMore Platinum M5 HT Mallet Offset Putter. You will surely appreciate its striking design with lasting beauty.


  • RifleScope Technology (RST) – an intuitive alignment aid system that helps golfers square their clubface at address, resulting in more consistent and accurate putts
  • Face Balance at Impact – makes the clubface easier to control
  • SeeMore putters are available in a variety of makes, models, and colors.
  • The putter can be custom built to fit your specs and motion, making sure that you get the best results all the time
  • More stable and easier to aim
  • Better alignment
  • More consistent and more accurate putts
  • Vast amount of custom options available for a personalized experience and better fit
  • Excellent balance and feel
  • Face is milled to perform
  • Sleek design and aesthetically pleasing
  • Features a 45-degree toe hang not suitable for some players

Pinemeadow Black Zinc Style Putter

Pinemeadow Black Zinc Style Putter, Left-Handed, 34-Inches
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Package Height Of The Item Is 15.0"
  • Package Length Of The Item Is 20.0"
  • Package Width Of The Item Is 15.0"

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Whether you are a pro or a beginner who plans to purchase the best putter for the money, then look no further than the Black Zinc Style Putter by Pinemeadow. It is a full hollow construction of ultramodern technology.

The premium quality game improvement iron design emphasizes the putter’s stunning hybrid appearance, feel, and performance comparable to those of name-brand competitors but at a fraction of the price. Its multi-material technology and construction proffer an amazing performance-match putting experience, which suits your putting style.

The Black Zinc Putter comes standard with a 125-gram steel shaft and a 49-gram standard black putter grip. Thanks to its full hollow construction of ultramodern technology and premium quality game improvement iron design, it has an awesome hybrid appearance.

This putter features a die-cast zinc alloy construction to deliver a soft yet solid feel when you address the ball. It is also equipped with a customizable performance-match putter as well as an alignment aid to ensure your best possible shot.

Moreover, this Pinemeadow putter helps to get a grip on off-center hits, maintain ball direction, as well as the speed, height, and distance as consistently as possible. This delivers a straight roll off the face.

The putter promotes a smooth, controlled stroke for improved consistency and better results –accurate, forgiving, and convenient. It is ideal for both pros and beginners.

With the modern aesthetics, elegant black misted finish, perfect shaft length, as well as and astounding hybrid design and performance, the Pinemeadow Black Zinc Style Putter would be an excellent and affordable gift for all golf enthusiasts.


  • Multi-material technology and construction – provides an excellent performance-match putting experience that suits the player’s putting style
  • Die-cast zinc alloy construction – promotes a soft yet firm feel at address
  • Customizable performance-match putter and alignment aid for your best shot
  • Premium quality left-hand design
  • Integrated vibration dampening system
  • Smooth, controlled stroke for enhanced consistency and great results
  • Convenient, accurate, and forgiving
  • Reliable, great performance for its price
  • Affordable
  • Soft yet solid feel at address
  • Enhanced alignment
  • Elegant design
  • Suitable for both pros and beginners
  • Might not be ideal for golfers who want nice-looking putters

S7K Standing Putter

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for Perfect Alignment –Legal for Tournament Play –Eliminate 3-Putts (Right)
  • NEVER MISS ANOTHER EASY PUTT; Stop missing putts from 10 feet and in; Drain more putts for birdie and par; Lag it close from long distance and hole pressure putts like a seasoned pro
  • TRUST YOUR LINE EVERY TIME; No guesswork lining up your shots; Check your aim from behind the ball and down the line and watch your ball roll on line every time; The S7K fixes your aim so all you have to think about speed; Trust your line and make a confident stroke
  • NO PRACTICE, INSTANT HELP; The S7K putter is so easy to use - just line it up, step back, adjust the aim and putt; Save 5 strokes or more the very first time you use it; The S7K eliminates 3-putts and helps you shoot lower scores fast
  • EXCEPTIONAL FEEL, BALANCE & ROLL: The S7K’s ultra-light grip and shaft transfer tons of feedback to your hands, enhancing your speed and distance control; You will enjoy a buttery feel and sweet sound at impact, plus the best sound of all, the sound of the ball dropping in the cup; The S7K practically swings itself and rolls pure; Never miss another easy putt inside 10 feet
  • LEGAL FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY & 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY; High-quality construction backed by unbeatable one-year manufacturer warranty against defects

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The S7K Standing Putter is also one of your options if you are a beginner golfer searching for the best putter for the money. It is a unique standalone putter that is engineered to help you align your aim, encouraging confident strokes. The three-line path guide on this putter allows you to align it right in line and hit the golf ball more precisely on each and every stroke.

The putter features a graphite shaft that is super sturdy and lightweight. It is made out of graphite material, which has no flex and provides you with better overall control over your swing.

The 7k Standing Putter comes with an EVA foam grip that makes it feel incredibly comfortable to handle and swing. It weighs only ten grams and is made specifically for improving the performance of the putter.

The grip is extremely responsive to your hands. Along with the ultra-low balance point, this putter helps you with better speed and distance control, providing improved acceleration at impact for clutch putts.

The simple neck hosel connects the shaft to the clubhead. It is well-built, secure, and delivers minimum lateral movement.

The head is the main attraction of the S7K putter. It has a half mallet design along with a 3-line alignment guide. The mallet base is flat, and the weight of the head is 350 grams. With the fantastic head design and weight balancing technology, the putter can stand on its own without difficulty. This enables you to align the ball to the hole for striking putts in just one hit.

The S7K standalone putter is super lightweight, and the head is heavy in design to provide the player with extra handling over the strokes. This enhances your speed and distance control. And since the head is heavy and the overall weight of this putter is lower, the putter is also easy to swing and has more forgiveness.

The putter’s face includes a deep fly-cut mill pattern that delivers a smooth and soft feel at impact. With the very high MOI rating, you can rely on the putter to give you an improved acceleration at impact and the best of forgiveness when you miss a shot.

The S7K standalone putter is legal, even if its attributes make it seem like it would not be allowed in tournament play. The USGA and R&A rules authorize golfers to use this putter freely, even for advancing to tournaments.


  • Standalone feature – allows the putter to stand on its own on the greens
  • Triple Line Path Guide – makes it quick and easy to align your aim precisely
  • Stroke balance construction – delivers better acceleration
  • Deep fly cut mill pattern – provides a softer feel during the impact
  • Surprisingly high MOI – helps improve accuracy
  • Mid sized, EVA foam grip – gives comfort to your hands
  • Legal for tournament play
  • Ideal putter for alignment
  • Impressive feel
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used for tournament play
  • Can be a little pricey for some shoppers
  • May not be as heavy as some players would tend to choose

TaylorMade Spider X Putter

TaylorMade Golf Spider X Putter, Copper, #3 Hosel, Left Hand, 35"
  • The X Philosophy: Spider X revolutionizes the way we achieve optimal stability and alignment by reengineering the mass properties of the head and introducing a new optically engineered True Path Alignment System
  • Increased Stability: Spider X features a redesigned head with a steel frame that is 30% heavier to minimize twisting
  • The X Design: New True Path Alignment System helps visualize the intended target line for improved putting accuracy; Spider X improves mass properties and stability by utilizing a heavy 320g frame with extreme perimeter weighting
  • Redesigned Weight Ports: Redesigned weight ports (2g, 6g, or 12g) enable personalization of feel and stability

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The most widely used putter model on the PGA TOUR just got even better. In order to celebrate the 10th year of Spider putters, TaylorMade has built on each technology and design to produce Spider X— fully redesigned and optically engineered to deliver more stability as well as a reimagined approach to alignment.

The TaylorMade Spider X Putter is recommended to mid handicappers who are seeking out the best putter for the money. It is one of the most popular putters among players in the golf world. While it can be a little more expensive than the other models, this putter is guaranteed to help you take your game to the next level.

Spider X revolutionizes the way the brand achieves optimal stability and alignment by recreating the head’s mass properties and introducing an all-new optically engineered True Path alignment system.

TaylorMade’s new True Path alignment is optically engineered to aid golfers in visualizing the intended target line, which enhances your putting accuracy. The thicker Pure Roll insert produces a better feel and sound while the 45° grooves increase topspin, helping the golf ball start and remain on the target line.

The Spider X Putter is designed to provide you with the best of stability. TaylorMade focuses on speed when it comes to long clubs while ensuring incredible precision on short clubs.

If you need something a bit unique for your specific stroke, the adjustable head weights will make it a breeze. The price of the Spider X is pretty high, but it has all the features that golfers usually want and expect from a putter.

In addition, as a mid handicapper, you will see a considerable improvement in your putting stroke as you use this putter. If you are close to being a low handicapper, the TaylorMade Spider X would be a fantastic choice, too.


  • Fully redesigned and optically engineered Spider X – delivers increased stability and a reimagined approach to alignment
  • New True Path alignment system – optically engineered to help golfers visualize the intended target line, which improves your putting accuracy
  • Thicker Pure Roll insert – produces optimized feel and sound
  • 45° grooves – enhance topspin to help the golf ball start and remain on the target line
  • Easy to use and align
  • Adjustable weights
  • Minimized twisting
  • Heavier clubhead means more stability
  • Very stable at impact
  • Enhanced roll
  • Frequently used on PGA Tour
  • Can be pretty expensive for some players

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter

Wilson Harmonized M5 Golf Putter - Men's, Right Hand, 34"
  • Mallet style putters
  • New larger diameter grip size
  • Multiple density areas in the Micro injection face insert
  • The soft feel grip is designed exclusively for Wilson

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The Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter is recommended for mid and high handicap golfers who want to improve their game. Your only contact with it is through the grip, and this putter has a larger grip than its predecessors. The bigger grip fits securely in your hands and provides better control and minimal slippage.

The grip of this putter features a vertical seam at the backside for an improved feel. Its shaft is available in 35 inches. Some innovative technologies applied on the putter’s face allow it to deliver increased control over the golf ball.

The Harmonized Putter has a plumber hosel and semi-mallet clubhead that continues to improve the feel and control, which you can exercise over the putting stroke. With the microinjection polymer face insert, you can expect a better feel when you contact the ball.

Recreational players and mid to high handicappers will benefit from the improved red and white alignment lines for better accuracy when lining up their putts. Moreover, you can be sure to have greater control and forgiveness when you strike the golf ball slightly off-center.

This putter is a well-designed, high-quality product aimed at the mid to high handicap players at a reasonable price. More experienced golfers and skilled putters might find it feel too bulky. The Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter will be an outstanding choice if you are searching for the best putter for the money.


  • Larger grip – fits securely in your hands and gives better control and less slippage
  • Vertical seam at the backside of the grip provides a better feel
  • Plumber hosel and semi-mallet clubhead – enhance feel and control
  • Microinjection polymer face insert – gives a better feel when you make contact with the ball
  • Improved red and white alignment lines – ensure better accuracy when lining up your putts; promote greater control and forgiveness when you strike the golf ball slightly off-center
  • Competitively priced
  • Incredibly comfortable grip
  • Better feel when contact with the golf ball is made
  • Easy alignment design
  • Vertical seam grip for enhanced feel
  • Multiple density areas in the microinjection polymer face insert
  • The soft feel grip is exclusively designed for Wilson
  • A great option for mid and high handicap golfers
  • Slightly bulky

Ray Cook Silver SR 500 Putter

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray Select SR595 Putter 35" Navy Blue
  • Over-sized head provides more distance and control
  • Unique alignment feature
  • Soft mid-size grip improves comfort and feel
  • Matching headcover included
  • Lie: 70 Degrees

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The Ray Cook Silver SR 500 could be your best putter for the money if you are looking for an excellent mallet putter for high handicap golfers. It is a fantastic piece of equipment that will not cost you a lot of fortune.

Ray Cook is a passionate golfer and inventor. He has made his first putter in 1963 and has been working on improving the putter since then. This gives you an idea of how progressive this putter has gone. There are also a wide range of models to choose from.

For a low price, you can get a premium putter that can help improve your gameplay. It boasts of the latest technology that will maintain alignment during your strokes. The design is impressive and sophisticated as well.

The Silver SR 500 Putter features a charcoal gray finish that most players will surely like. The lines and undertones provide enhanced alignment. This putter will help you have an accurate shot.

The putter head is a little heavier, which will also maintain accuracy and stability to your stroke. The soft midsize paddle-style grip enables you to have a good grasp on the putter and take complete control of your shot. This makes your game more comfortable and enjoyable.

Ray Cook aims to help you achieve your best performance in every game. Ideally, it was designed for those who are new to the world of golf.

While the paint on this putter does not seem to be permanent, it is still an excellent choice. The design is good, and it can help you give your best performance in every match.

Also, this putter is suitable for your regular games as you will want to practice and improve your skills first. It has a fantastic construction and will make your strokes stronger and more precise.

One of the useful features of this Ray Cook putter is its heavier head. With the heavier head, the entire putter is more stable, and it will create a pendulum-like effect that increases accuracy in every shot you make. This putter also has a high-quality soft midsize paddle-style grip that offers better putter control.

Considering everything, the Ray Cook Silver SR 500 has a good design for an affordable putter. High handicappers can make use of this putter to improve their skills during training. Of course, this putter is just a tool, so you need to practice and acquire the abilities to become a golf champion someday.


  • The latest technologies maintain alignment during your strokes
  • Lines and undertones improve alignment
  • Heavier putter head – brings the entire putter more stability; makes a pendulum-like effect that enhances accuracy in each shot you make
  • High-quality soft midsize paddle-style grip – delivers increased putter control
  • Lie – 70 degrees, loft – 3 degrees
  • Designed for right-handed users
  • Charcoal gray finish
  • Budget-friendly putter
  • Pleasing and classy look
  • Comfortable grip
  • More accuracy and control
  • Increased stability
  • Better performance
  • The paint wears off pretty quickly

Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter (Right Hand) , White, 34"
  • The PGX putter features a precise white finish which stands out when the putter is in the address position on the green.
  • This contrast of the white color against the green grass really helps maintain focus on the alignment lines that help ensure that your putter is on target at start.
  • At 380g the additional 40g weight of the mallet putter is "tour-weighted", suited best for the faster greens that are more and more common around the world.
  • Includes custom PGX headcover
  • Putter length 34"

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Another option you have when buying the best putter for the money is the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter. It is a fantastic option to consider if you need a competent putter at a fair price.

While Pinemeadow is not the most popular brand in golf equipment, this putter has a lot to offer and is an appealing choice for mid to high handicap players. It is well-reviewed by those who have used it.

The PGX putter features a white finish that provides great contrast and aids in alignment, which leads to a higher level of accuracy. Some golfers find that it discolors immediately, so it will most likely need to be wiped regularly. With that being said, it is worth the effort and a useful appearance for most players.

This is a mallet putter with a great weight balance that helps improve roll and control. It plays well, especially on faster greens, which are more common on many golf courses.

The style and design of the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter are often much easier for high handicappers to use. Its comfortability and ease of use will naturally relate to better accuracy and consistency.


  • White finish – provides excellent contrast and aids in alignment, which leads to a higher level of accuracy
  • Great weight balance – helps to improve roll and control
  • Comes with a custom PGX headcover
  • Putter length – 34″
  • Affordable and great value for money
  • Easy alignment
  • Greater accuracy and control
  • Good weighting and balance
  • Perfect for faster greens
  • Some players find it to be slightly on the heavy side
  • The color is not the most durable or easy to maintain
  • Not all golfers like the white finish

Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter (Left Hand, 33", 2-Ball, Oversized Grip)
  • Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters incorporate a unique new method of weight distribution, led by the innovative new Stroke Lab shaft to improve the physical dynamics of the stroke.
  • The tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft saves 40 grams* that’s relocated into each end of the putter to change performance dynamics.
  • The Stroke Lab shaft is slightly stiffer and lower torque compared to standard putter shafts for to better control the slightly heavier head.
  • Additional weight in the sole and butt-end of the grip change the putter’s dynamics to help golfers consistently repeat a smoother and more accurate stroke.
  • Combines legendary White Hot feel with dozens of microhinges embedded across the face that promote topspin for smooth roll and acute distance control.

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For mid handicappers, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Putter would be a fantastic option when it comes to the best putter for the money. It has an appearance similar to most blade putters with a wider and larger head. The two-tone head blends the black and silver colors really well, making the putter attractive to look at.

The shelf stock grips are not as heavy as the previous putters, but they do not give you a comfortable feel. There are some aftermarket grips available. However, care must be taken when changing the grip as it may affect the design integrity of the Stroke Lab Double Wide putter.

Replacing the grip could have adverse effects on the weight and balance of the putter. Fortunately, there are several options available from Odyssey that will make sure to maintain the integrity.

The execution of the Microhinge technology brings about the return of the legendary White Hot feel promoting topspin, which leads to a considerable improvement in speed and distance control. The technology enhances the sound of the golf ball on the putter.

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Putter features the proprietary White Hot Microhinge face insert, combining the incredible feel of the White Hot material with numerous Microhinge that ensure a smooth roll and more distance control.

The improvements in your stroke as a result of the weight distribution attained by the new shaft promotes better precision and speed control.

Results in playing conditions have proven that there is a significant improvement in terms of the consistency of golfers with an increase in precision as a result of the exceptional forgiveness offered by the putter. Furthermore, the increase in the sole weight makes a consistent and smooth stroke.

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Putter has the finesse of blade combined with the accuracy of a mallet putter, providing you with the best of both worlds.


  • Two-tone head – mixes the black and silver colors very well, making the putter attractive to look at
  • Microhinge technology – improves the sound of the golf ball on the putter
  • White Hot Microhinge face insert – combines the amazing feel of the White Hot material with plenty of Microhinge that encourage smooth roll and greater distance control
  • Combination of the blade’s finesse and the accuracy of a mallet putter
  • Lighter and stronger multi-material shaft
  • Combination of finesse and accuracy
  • Enhanced tempo in putting stroke
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Improved sound as well as speed and distance control
  • Great feel
  • Smooth roll
  • Outstanding forgiveness
  • Some players find this putter too bulky for a blade putter

Wilson Staff Infinite Putter

Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter, Bucktown, Right Hand, 33
  • DOUBLE MILLED FACE: Promotes consistent impact, roll and distance control.
  • COUNTERBALANCED TECHNOLOGY: Moves the balance point closer to the hands for a smoother, more controlled putting stroke.
  • DARK ANTI-GLARE FINISH: New ultra dark PVD finish to reduce glare and accentuate sight-lines.

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Last but not least, the Wilson Staff Infinite Putter could be your ideal choice when buying the best putter for the money. It is integrated with the new Counterbalanced Technology. This putter has a unique look, and the technology used is new to golfers.

Significantly, this Wilson putter featuring a dark anti-glare finish, double milled face, along with a strikingly attractive appearance is without a doubt a commendable pick.

The Staff Infinite putter is the most ideal for golfers who demand more grip, better stroke performance, and prominent specs. Additionally, with the creation of a counterbalanced putter, it feels astonishing to almost everyone because it does not burden your hands.

This putter has an oversized grip for better handling, improving your performance and resulting in more consistency on the greens. The grip technology also helps you minimize unwanted twisting and bad shots.

Mainly, the Wilson Staff Infinite Putter has the Counterbalanced Technology for golfers that give a more controlled putting stroke. Aside from that, it has this technology placed, additionally weighted in the putter head and also in the grip.

At the same time, the supplementary weight makes the maximum MOI for the whole putter, which promotes consistent and controlled putting stroke.

The putter features the new dark anti-glare finish to reduce glare and give an emphasis to the sightlines, while the double milled face delivers consistent impact, smooth roll, and precise distance control.

The Wilson Staff Infinite Putter provides a very high amount of inertia and greater forgiveness. The combination of extra weight and mallet style delivers maximum forgiveness as well.

All in all, if you are now in search of a mallet-style putter that offers maximum forgiveness, then the Wilson Staff Infinite is known as the best putter for its price.


  • Doubled milled face – delivers consistent impact, smooth roll, and precise distance control
  • Counterbalanced Technology for a consistent and controlled putting stroke
  • Dark Anti-Glare Finish Grip Technology – reduces glare and provide an emphasis to the sightlines
  • Milled Face
  • PVD Finish
  • Tour Proven
  • Consistent impact and roll
  • More grip and better performance
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a headcover
  • Maximum forgiveness
  • Elegant design
  • Mediocre sound


What is the most widely used putter on tour?

Jin Young Ko (the current Women’s World No. 1) uses the Taylormade Spider X Putter. As of the moment, it is the number one used putter on the PGA tour as well as the LPGA tour.

Which one is better, a blade or a mallet putter?

Mallet putters tend to provide a little more forgiveness on direction and roll because of their weight distribution. While most players usually start off with a blade putter in their bag, mallet putters have become well known with advancements in control and stability through the stroke.

How would I know the length of putter that I should use?

Most golfers can use the standard 34-inch putter, while those more than 6-feet tall may need a longer putter of about 34 to 35 inches, but that is only if they grip the shaft high up on the club. Moreover, some players “crouch” over the ball when putting, while the others have a more upright stance. These factors affect the exact length of putter that you should be looking for. Considering this, it would be a good idea to have a professional take a look at your stance.

Do expensive putters make a difference?

Premium-priced putters usually have nice balance and heft and a grip that is set so the face can be easily squared to the intended line. Just a degree off is difficult to see, but it is a small difference that matters. An expensive putter that is suitable for the golfer can make a positive difference as well.

Final Thoughts About The Best Putter For The Money

Whether you are a professional golfer or a beginner, it can be tough to choose the best putter for the money. We trust that we have made that hard job easy for you by talking about the current leading putters on the market that are good value for money. With the features we have mentioned above, you already have a pretty good idea of how essential putter is in playing golf effectively. Your performance in the game greatly depends on your selection of the right putter and your putting style.

You probably already know that almost 50% of the shots on a golf course are made up of golf putters, which is why it is regarded as the most important club in your bag. Picking the right putter is vital to your game as you need to consider the different types of putters, such as putter balances, face-balanced, mid slant, toe down, blade putters, mallet putters, peripheral weighted putters, and more. So while deciding on which putter you would purchase, you must have to keep in mind the pricing and quality. You will select the cheaper one with the highest quality for better performance in your game.

Best Putter For The Money | Our Top 10 Picks

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track by Callaway would be a second-to-none choice for low handicappers seeking the best putter for the money. It blends exciting technologies to deliver improved alignment, reliability, and performance. This putter offers a wide range of models for you to choose from in either a mallet or blade form.

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