Callaway Chrome Soft Vs Supersoft

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Have you ever found yourself wondering: What are the differences between Callaway Supersoft and Callaway Chrome Soft?

This post will provide you with all the information and insights you’ll need to understand the distinctions between Callaway Golf’s two golf balls.

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The Similarities

Both golf balls are part of the Callaway Golf Chrome Soft series, which is, in turn, is part of the larger Chrome Soft sub-brand. The Chrome Soft sub-brand is designed for players who want more spin on their shots while still maintaining the soft feel that Callaway has been known (and loved) for.

The major similarity between the Supersoft and Chrome Soft is the boost in spin around the green; both golf balls offer “Tour-level control in and around the green,” meaning that both balls can offer increased spin, helping you achieve your desired results with more consistency than a non-spinning ball.

The two balls also both have the same weight, size, and shape. This is because they are both designed to be extremely versatile amongst a wide variety of players. That way, neither ball has an advantage over the other in terms of performance.


The easiest way to tell the difference between Callaway Supersoft and Chrome Soft golf balls is to look at the Callaway logo on them. This is because one of these balls has the standard Callaway Golf logo, while the other has a unique “Soft-Fast” logo (Callaway Supersoft).

Although both Supersoft and Chrome Soft are made for players who want maximum spin, there are significant differences between the two golf balls:

Difficulty to Find

Unfortunately, finding a Callaway Supersoft ball is a lot more difficult than browsing the Pro shop for Callaway Chrome Soft. This is because Callaway did not produce as many Supersoft balls, which means they are not readily available in most golf shops or sporting goods stores.

Construction/ Layers

What really sets the new Chrome Soft apart, however, is its fantastic feel. Many balls that are advertised as feeling soft don’t actually hold up to their claims when you hit them on the course or in a bucket of range balls — but not this one.

The new Chrome Soft has a larger and more complex inner core which means it will create better ball speed resulting in a longer distance on impact compared to Supersoft. The cover is made of urethane with four layers for superior performance while still having the heavy feeling you get from Balata covers like Tour balls do, making this golf ball feel great off any club, especially irons that are known for their hard plastic-like surface.

The Callaway Supersoft has two layers, a firmer inner core and an outer mantle layer. The Supersoft is made with an inner core of a very soft Surlyn Paraloid Blend, a mantle layer of a soft Surlyn Acrylic Blend, and the outer core is made with Urethane Elastomer. This construction is meant to increase the speed of the ball off of the clubhead as well as the distance, which makes it perfect for long drives. The ultra-low compression creates lower spin rates on shots meaning less control but more drive power, making this ball great if you want maximum power with minimal effort involved in your swing!

Spin Rate

Even though both balls are low compression balls with soft outer cores, the Supersoft has a lower spin rate than Chrome Soft due to its construction. While both balls will increase in speed on impact (due to their smaller size and higher speed), the Supersoft will decrease in the distance while Chrome Soft will maintain most of its original ball speed.

Carry Distance

The Supersoft ball has a lower carry distance thanks to its smaller size and lower spin rate. On the other hand, the Chrome Soft will have better carry distance because of its construction which provides more speed on impact while still retaining some of that soft feeling on contact.


The Supersoft is softer than the Chrome Soft off of the clubface by a significant margin. For example, the spin rate on drives with the Supersoft is nearly 100 RPM less than that of the Chrome Soft.

The performance and feel the difference between the two golf balls are so great that some Tour players even choose to use the Supersoft since it is softer and has a lower spin to help them achieve better short game results.

Flight Pattern

Both the Supersoft and Chrome Soft are known for their high length, with a low spin rate that minimizes backspin and therefore maximizes roll.

The Supersoft is approximately 1-2 yards longer off the tee than the Chrome Soft, but it is also approximately 1-2 yards shorter when it lands.

This is the result of less backspin on drives/ approach shots, causing the spinning of the ball to be reduced as it moves through the air.


The Chrome Soft is known for being more durable than the Supersoft. Even though both golf balls have urethane covers, Chrome Soft has a thinner cover than Supersoft.

While durability is a factor, it is important to note that the performance of the Supersoft does, in fact, degrade faster than Chrome Soft because it is softer and has lower spin, meaning that it is going to have a shorter lifespan because the ball will wear more quickly and perform less effective as time goes on.

While both the Supersoft and Chrome Soft are Tour-quality balls that will help you improve your performance around the green, they are intended for different playstyles due to the variety in construction, feel, and price.

Green-side Spin

Supersoft is designed to provide additional spin both off the tee and around the green–but its spin capabilities around the green are limited on shots hit from the rough due to its ionomer cover. Chrome Soft, however, has no such restrictions: thanks to its urethane cover, Chrome Soft provides an incredible spin on shots from the rough; shots hit with Chrome Soft while lying in the rough would not travel as far due to decreased velocity, but the spin Chrome Soft generates on those shots allows for increased precision and control.


Supersoft has a compression of 35, while Chrome Soft’s compression is 75. This difference in compression affects not just feel but shot trajectory and roll.

Colors Available

Chrome Soft is available in a much larger array of colors and color combinations than Supersoft.

Who will benefit?

If you’re looking for a high-trajectory golf ball that provides maximum roll and spins on the green, Supersoft is ideal. If you’re looking for a golf ball with a soft feel but no loss of spin, Chrome Soft is right for you.

Additional Technologies

Both balls are designed with excellent aerodynamics to increase the speed across the entire face of the golf ball for maximum distance. They both have a dimple pattern that is meant to create even more consistent, powerful shots with every swing. In addition, Callaway uses microfiber in its cover construction to ensure durability and softness at contact time.

The two balls also use different technologies to make sure that they will create perfect shots every time – but of course, the Supersoft ball has a lower price tag.

In the end, the Callaway Supersoft is definitely better for slower swing speeds and players who hit more straight-forward with a shorter distance. If you have a faster swing speed or want to play further, then the Callaway Chrome Soft will be a better option for you.

Callaway Chrome Soft Vs Supersoft – Conclusion

The Supersoft and Chrome Soft are comparable golf balls. However, the Chrome Softball is going to provide a higher level of performance in terms of spin rate and compression while also providing increased durability for a longer lifespan. Supersoft has a lower price point, but its technology does not yield the same benefits as Chrome Soft.

Both balls utilize excellent aerodynamics and use microfiber in their construction to enhance durability and provide optimal softness upon impact. Supersoft is definitely better for slower swing speeds and players who hit more straight-forward with a shorter distance, while Chrome Soft is ideal for faster swing speeds and those who desire maximum spin on the green. While Chrome Soft is more expensive, it will provide a better level of performance for many different golfers.